Heon su Kim

Professional in pastry was my major in KYUNG HEE university times. After graduation, I was able to work under SHILLA hotel in Japanese cuisine. It was my honour to encounter many Japanese chefs with strong background and experiences. During work period this taught me basic traditional cooking in Japanese cuisine also Japanese language.

Within 10 years I had opportunities to work under different sections and mastered all the things have learned. During working for Japanese chef western cooking was introduced in my life.

After working for SHILLA, I took over a shop called "SHIZAKANA" with this experience I have learn cooking was a business. During this experience I learned responsibilities, and organising a shop.
however due to unfortunate errors I had to move on to a different shop called "Sushi Mura" with me running the whole shop I have achieved higher profit and greater customers perspective towards Sushi Mura.
"Sushi Z open" was another life changing experience for myself I introduced sushi with Tepan and western cuisine and showed different colour and opinion about Japanese cuisine. With this I was able to make people feel more modern, easy going, casual experience with Japanese cuisine.

Personally I would like to introduce more modern Japanese food also affordable towards consumers in future.

High standard with excellent presentation, amazing food, providing costumer services like a family. I will catch every face expression on my customers face and serve all my heart should in to a perfect food so customers can have "life time experience" and I will try my best for that.